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MemWatch is a program that measures how much memory is used by DAOC.

Instructions for installing program

Download and unzip the file into any folder.

Instructions for using program

1. Click the top button.

2. Start DAOC.

3. After DAOC is running, or after it crashes, click the second button.

Here's a screenshot right after the top button was pressed. Memory load is 28%, meaning 28% of physical RAM is in use, and approximately 1.5 GB of physical ram is available.

Here's a screenshot after DAOC has started and the second button was pressed. Minimum Available Physical and Minimum Available Page File show the "worst case" since DAOC started. In other words, they show the lowest points those numbers reached since DAOC started.

Interpretation of numbers

The key numbers are Available Physical (the amount of free RAM) and Available Page File (the amount of space on your hard disk where Windows stores info from RAM when it needs to create more space in RAM).

Memory Load is similar to Available Physical. It shows the percentage of RAM that is in use. Normally this number can get as high as 99% without any problem, because whenever Windows needs more space in RAM, it simply moves some info out of RAM into your page file. Things slow down when this happens, but your computer continues to run normally.

To see how heavy a demand DAOC places on your RAM, subtract the before and after Available Physical numbers. In the example shown above, the number was about 432 million bytes, or less than half a gigabyte.

The bottom two numbers (TotalVirt and AvailVirt) apply only to MemWatch itself, not to DAOC, and should be ignored.

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Version. 0.1

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